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Brands & Technologies

Tooling solutions

Circular saw blades

At AKE you will find circular saw blades
for all materials, such as e.g. wood
and wood materials, metal, plastic
and composite materials.


We are offering a variety of hogging
solutions to ensure optimal processing
for all fields of application.

Bore cutters

For both craft and industry we offer
a great number of cutters with bore
to ensure best results.

Shank type cutters

We are offering the suitable shank cutter
solutions with optimized cutting materials
for all fields of application.


Today’s requirements on drills are
many-faceted, with regard to
production and to the user.


In our standard range you find
all popular types of knives from
planer knives to blancs.

Clamping systems

High-tech tools need
the suitable clamping
system for perfect results.


Our range of accessories includes
all you need, from the screw to our
AKE Cleaner.

Measuring technology

Discover our innovative
Real-Time-Analyser. It turns
measuring into a great experience.