Hoggers for wood and furniture industry


Wood is generally one of the most versatile raw materials. The annually produced amount of wood exceeds the amount of produced steel, aluminium and concrete very clearly. Apart from that wood ranks among the sustainable sources of raw materials resp. energy.


We did grow big as tool manufacturer for the wood and wood processing industries. We are literally in control of our quality ourselves, offering customised tooling solutions, optimally adjusted to each application together with a special team of application engineers.

In order to ensure that the large variety of different types of wood-based materials, with and without coating, can be processed optimally, various hogging solutions for diverse fields of application are included in our product range.

Our product range

  • Segment-hoggers
    For sizing uncoated panel material
  • Vario-hoggers
    For sizing and hogging the residual material of solid wood
  • Saw blade – segment – hogger
    For sizing coated and uncoated panel material with large hogging width

Ultra Streamline – Compact hogger

For efficient sizing of wood-based panels with and without coating. With chip guidance for sizing and for producing tear-free edges on the workpiece.
ULTRA design (no reduction of the kerf when re-grinding). The hogger can be re-ground by the same quantity both on the circumference and the side.

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