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Shank cutter

In craft as well as industry the shank cutters of AKE obtain the best results

We are offering you solutions with shank cutters for all fields of application in wood, wood-based material and specific types of material. Our strengths become particularly apparent when your requirements are realised quickly, efficiently and technically on the highest possible level thanks to AKE tools. Moreover, optimised cutting materials are being applied to suit the required application. The fields of application range from carbide-tipped cutters to solid carbide cutters to tools with diamond knives.

Our product range…

Milling tools for manual feed

  • Routers – see also under CMT
  • for all applications, from jointing cutters to grooving and profiling cutters to gluejoint cutters

… includes

Milling tools for mechanic feed

  • cutters for stationary machining centres
  • from sizing to face milling to profiling
  • from wood-based material to challenging special materials

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