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Circular saw blades

Always a perfect cut 

The list of materials which have already been cut with saw blades and tools of AKE is almost endless. Just as is the case with the requirements of customers from most diverse fields of application: whether long tool life, a specific running smoothness, comprehensive application advice, best cutting results or highest economic efficiency.
At AKE you always get the full package.

Our extensive range…


You find circular saw blades for all types of material at AKE such as, for example, wood and wood-based material, metal, plastic and composite materials. We have been designing the suitable tools for each field of application, with high-quality carbide as well as diamond-tipped, from conventional saw blades to high-tech versions, for industry as well as craft. With AKE you find the circular saw blade you need.

…offers you


  • Extremely long tool life
  • More favourable total costs
  • Best finish cut quality
  • Universal application
  • Reduced noise
  • Large choice


Boardline Plattebearbeitung

Finish cut quality | Improved service life


Extremely quiet | One a cut result

Universal Plus

Material variety |


Saw blade

Diamond | Type 7040

Durable | Cost effective

Diamond 7024 | 7021

Saw blade

Tube|Cut family

Saw blade

nf Metal|cut

Measuring technology

Special saw blades

Pipe and profile machining

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