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Clamping systems

Clamping systems for wood and furniture industry

High-tech tools need the suitable clamping system for perfect results and in order to work optimally.

Our tool assortmen offers you…

… the most diverse solutions ranging from the drill chuck to the classical collet chuck to industrially applicable high-performance clamping chucks (shrink chuck or with HSK Plus holder) in our standard range.

The Master Clamp

If the tools are to be clamped in the clamping system in an especially easy and comfortable way you can make use of our Master Clamp.


The new HP collet chuck

This innovative and highly precise clamping system eliminates many disadvantages of conventional clamping systems and at the same time offers advantages in the fields of rotation and precision that you only know from shrinking.

Your advantages:


  • Up to 0.008 mm run-out accuracy possible
  • run-out accuracy improved by 50%
  • Slim Design for only minor interfering contour:
    Small outer diameter of only 53 mm


  • 40% higher clamping force possible
  • Suitable for high speed of up to
    24,000 rpm


  • Applicable for right hand and left hand run
  • Diameter-independent
    tool clamping
  • Standard collet chucks E 462 suitable
  • Can be applied on CNC routers or machining centers


  • The collet chuck may not be opened
    when heavy tools are decelerating
  • Internal draw-in nut and clamping nut with
    anti-turn locking device

Simple design. Quick to assemble. Safe in use.

Standard version

  • Hardened steel body
  • polished surface
  • Use of conventional and high precision
    462E collet chucks up to shank diameter 25 mm possible

Safety tips

  • Only use cylindrical shanks
  • Only use tools with shank tolerance „h7“ or better
  • Only use collet chucks with tolerance 15 μm or better
  • Recommended tightening torque: 180 Nm

Your HP collet chuck – now also dustproof!

You can now use your HP collet chuck even more effectively by means of a dust-proof tightening nut. Ensure smooth operation – keep the HP collet chuck clean.

              Tightening nut „dust-proofed“           Dummy plug

Your advantages:

  • Avoidance of unbalance due to dust deposits
  • No dust entering – neither from the front nor from the back
  • Avoidance of problems with tensioning and loosening of
    the tightening nut due to solidified dust
  • Upgrade: All collet chucks HP “Standard” could be
    upgraded to version “dust proofed”

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