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Steel industry

"Best results
with highest ecomy."

- Thomas Merz

Wagner by AKE what else?

Worldwide approx. 1,700 million tons of steel are produced every year. Processing such huge amounts of steel requires adequate quality tools. Now this is where we come into the play.

In 1997 one segment of the company of Gustav Wager had been acquired and the subsidiary company „Wagner HM-Sägeblatt-Technik“ had been integrated in AKE Knebel GmbH & Co. KG. This is how the brand of “WAGNER by AKE“ came into being.

Ever since then we have been supplying especially efficient circular saw blades for cutting steel, non-ferrous metal and composite materials. Thanks to our unique, almost unrivalled technologies you benefit lastingly from our quality tools.

Our customers are specialists in all fields of the metal processing industry. We are offering them tools which meet the high demands and even go beyond them.

The following trades….


  • Steel works and rolling mills
  • Pipe works
  • Blacksmiths
  • Automotive industry and aircraft manufacturing
  • Foundries
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Contract work sawmills
  • Steel construction, steel trading
  • Rail production
  • Sawing machine production
  • and much more!

… benefit from our brand „WAGNER BY AKE“

Particular straight run
Low-vibration sawing, with highest performance and reduced cutting time

Optimised tooth geometry
Optimal chip flow and avoided deposit build-up

Long tool life
Efficient production process


Tube|Cut family

Saw blade


Durable | cost effective

Special saw blades

Tube and profile processing

Real - Time - Analyser

Measuring technology

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