LIGNA is coming:
Visitors can look forward to new AKE product highlights.

After four years of absence from the trade fair, the precision tool manufacturer AKE is looking forward to the upcoming LIGNA 2023 in Hanover. The world’s leading trade fair for tools, machinery, and equipment
for woodworking opens its doors from May 15th to May 19th, 2023, for around 1,100 exhibitors and 75,000 visitors. AKE will present the latest product developments on two focal stands for the sawmill and wood & furniture industry sectors. Thus, meetings with customers and interested visitors can take place again in presence.

Booth „wood and furniture industry “- in hall 12, booth D77

At the furniture booth in hall 12, booth D77, everything revolves around the product and topic focus on the “wood and furniture industry”. In 2023, the focus will be on particularly exciting tool developments and optimizations:

New: Boardline- product family for industrial board cutting
The new saw product range for industrial cutting on panel sizing units with mechanical feed. For further details see “highlight: „Boardline-family “.

  • New: Diamond-shank cutter 2.0 with VHW-tool body
    The diamond shank cutters are getting a new series with particularly stable solid carbide tool bodies for excellent smoothness and resistance. All current 2.0-shank cutters have been optimized and the chip removal from the cutting edge has been fundamentally improved.
    For further details see highlight: „diamond- shank cutter 2.0“.
  • New: Tools for the Clamex®-System from Lamello®
    New VHW-shank- and DP disc-type cutters for special cutouts of removable furniture connectors for the Clamex®-system. The DP-disc-cutters are characterized by a particularly long tool life. The new solid carbide cutter is also designed for long tool life thanks to its PLT-coating and offers targeted chip removal from the cutting edge. Also new is a DP-profile shank cutter for horizontal Clamex-cutouts using the nesting method.
  • New: Tool assortment for HPL processing
    New straight cut DP-shank cutter, DP-profile shank cutter, DP-profile tools, DP-drills and DP-counterbores have been developed for cutting very dense materials such as HPL/solid core, solid surface, cement- or gypsum-bonded materials. The HPL program includes over 70 new tools.
  • New: Collet chuck HP – now also available as dust-tight version
    The high-precision collet chuck for use in CNC machining centers is now also available with a special dust-tight nut. The previous standard collet chuck HP can be easily upgraded to the dust-tight version. Advantages of the dust-tight design: No contamination of the collet, easy clamping and unclamping, no imbalance due to contamination. Particularly suitable for high levels of fine dust, e.g., when cutting MDF, gypsum- or cement-bound and fiber-reinforced materials.
  • Optimized: Tools for edge banding machines
    Revised product range for common edge banding machines. Including optimized hoggers as well as trimming-, bevel- and radius cutters.
  • Optimized: Diamond-shank cutter „blackline “
    blackline – The shank cutter assortment for entry into the word of diamond tools. Available in Z1 and Z2 versions with optimized gullets and improved tool body design for high resistance in demanding applications.
  • Neu: AKE Catalogue 2023+ with tool für many industrial application fields
    All new and further developed industrial tools for the wood and furniture industry as well as for aluminum and plastics processing.
  • The current blueline/CMT product programme
    The full range with over 3,200 articles for crafts and ambitious do-it-yourselfers with over 70 new added circular saw blades for example for longitudinal cuts with flat tooth geometry and construction circular saw blades with ventilation elements as well as many other practical extensions.


Highlight: „Boardline-family“

The new „Boardline-family”  includes the main saw blades: Boardline Type 0024 and BoardlinePro+ Type 0324
as well as the scoring saw blade Type 0026B, which is suitable for both main saw blades. The tools are designed for industrial cutting on panel sizing units with mechanical feed. Panel materials such as coated and uncoated wood-based materials, HPL or multiplex can be sawn on a large scale and with excellent cutting quality. Improved tooth geometries are used for the circular saw blades. The high-quality and very stable saw bodies guarantee a particularly smooth axial run-out. All types can be re-sharpened up to 17x.

Type 0024 Boardline“ –the strengths of the universal saw blade are in cutting single panels and in stacks in different panel materials and achieves an increase service life of over +30% on average compared to previous panel saws. Finish-cut quality and reduced wear are also among the advantages.

Type 0324 BoardlinePro+ – the „potential- saw blade for highest formatting requirements, is particularly suitable for abrasive materials. For this purpose, the saw blade has new ultra hard carbide teeth. It can be used for cutting single panels and in stacks and achieves a particularly high cutting quality over a long period of time. Compared to standard panel saws, an average +70% longer service life can be achieved. The new „ParaSilde-bore“, allows easier and faster mounting without jamming the saw blade. Clear identification and connection to Industry 4.0 systems is possible with the “” – a code marking specially protected against abrasion.

„Type 0026B scoring saw blade“ has a revised tooth design and a stable saw body. The use of a thicker tooth allows up to +40% more regrinding cycles. This makes the scoring blade particularly suitable for pairing with the two types of panel saws.


Highlight: Diamond-shank cutter 2.0

For years, AKE has been producing and selling not only conventional but also new cutting tools with innovative technologies, which are summarized under the term “cutting 2.0”. The „2.0-technology“, which has declared war on the wear-inducing multiple chipping  removal and enables targeted and clean chip removal in cutting tools and saw blades, has been continuously improved over the last few years.

At the start of the trade fair, AKE presents a revised 2.0 shank cutter program: The gullet design of the diamond shank cutter 2.0 has been optimized and thus the chip removal from the cutting edge has been improved once again. A new product series with particularly stable VHW tool bodies has been added for more excellent running smoothness, combined with even greater resistance in demanding materials such as solid wood and plywood panels.

 Booth „system solutions for sawmilling and planing need“ – in hall 25, booth F40

AKE supplies complete system solutions for sawing and planing mill needs. Many precision tools are manufactured for this industrial sector according to the specific requirements of the customers. Individual solutions are the standard here.

For interested visitors, AKE will present current tool developments at a separate raw wood booth, as in previous trade shows. The focus will be on new tool solutions for production lines in sawmills and planing mills as well as special coating processes that better protect tools against resin and contamination.

Tool innovations 2023 for the sawmill and planer mill industry:

  • New: Grooving cutter for resawing machines
    The grooving cutter has been specially developed for use in resawing machines, which results in the saving of one grooving operation. It can be used on single-shaft or double-shaft systems and can be installed on a fixed bushing in combination with multi-blade saws. It is also possible to use it in flexible resawing machines for finishing operations.
  • Neu: Spiral planing cutter head for common trimming machines
    is a spiral planing cutter head whose knives have a slight axial angle. Due to reduced pre-splitting effect, a particularly smooth workpiece surface can be produced with this tool.

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