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Company philosophy

"Think global
- act local!"

- Alexander Knebel

Executive Director

Our knowledge and experience – for your success


AKE is a family-run, medium-sized company with an international focus. Our positioning offers crucial benefits for our customers, providing them with the diversity and expertise of a large company and the speed and flexibility of a small company. Our specialisation, our trademark precision, our innovation and our immense wealth of experience enable our customers to reach new heights. For more than 50 years, AKE has stood for the best possible quality for industrial applications and tradespeople. Today, AKE is one of the leading manufacturers of circular saw blades and milling cutters worldwide.

Cutting & better – more than just a clean cut

We do not leave our customers alone with a product. Highest satisfaction is achieved through intensive communication and a resulting deep understanding for each other. The endeavor to always give the best for the customer and to always be one step ahead is expressed in “Cutting & Better”. For customers, that means “feel better” and “be better” with AKE.

Specialisation as a key to success

For any circular saw blade produced by AKE, you can follow
the entire in-house development process, from a piece of
sheet metal through to a high-tech tool. We take the quality
of our tools into our own hands, and, with our special team
of applications engineers, we are able to offer our customers
unique solutions in cases where the high standards we set
are insufficient for their needs.